ASHA relies on our committees and boards to make decisions and provide expertise for the organization.

This project involved a redesign of the search interface by which ASHA staff find members interested in serving on a committee who meet the proper qualifications. The focus of this project is on usability and making the interface mobile-friendly. This is a work-in-progress and we are excited to wrap it up over the next few months.

  • Coming soon (in progress)


Initial research for this project was done by watching ASHA staff use the exisitng interface and recording observations to guide the new design.

Ideate and Design

Wireframes are in the process of being developed for the search interface with results listings, profile details, and a nomination form soon to come.


We haven't started testing the wireframes yet, but we expect to do so once they are further developed. I am also in the process of developing the HTML for the search interface.

Iterate and Refine

This work is still in progress, so the wireframes for much of the application are still evolving. Here is a markup of the search page, which is under development. Check back in a few months to see screen shots of the final outcome!

The End Result!

The Candidate Search module is available only to members and providers with certification.

Documents for this Project