ProFind is an application designed to allow consumers to find ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologist. Consumers are looking for providers who meet specific needs in terms of specialty, location, and qualifications. Our members in private practice are looking to grow thier client base. This solution provides a platform for connecting these needs.

ProFind is a redesign of an older product, ProSearch, which was around ten years old. During the project, the team first reassessed if developing and maintaining this product was a worthwhile endeavor for ASHA by looking into current consumer behavior, Google Analytics, member surveys, competative analysis, and secondary research. After deciding that this service is valuable to members and consumers, we set out to redesign the application.

  • Launched September, 2015
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An entire phase of this project revolved about researching the landscape in which our provider search product would exist, in order to make a recommendation about weather or not to continue supporting the product. As part of that effort, I conducted in-depth user interviews with consumers who were actively using our old product and developed a Consumer Experience Map that reflected their experience. I conducted a larger survey of the same set of consumers, and delved into secondary research on the overall state of the consumers' digital expeirence in healthcare.

Ideate and Design

Wireframes were developed, iterated, and refined based on the consumer research that illuminated the major shortcomings of the existing system and both audiences needs. We were also careful to remain in scope and not add features that would put us in competition with groups whose single purpose was to match patients and doctors. We needed a system that was designed specifically for the needs of those seeking speech-language pathologists and audiologists, and used our data in the best way possible.

Brand and Marketing

In addition to its new design, ProFind underwent a rebranding effort in order to better promote the new and improved product to our members and future consumers. To that end, I led several meetings to develop a brand identity for the new product, whch included a new name, tagline and logo.

The End Result!

The results have been online connecting clients with providers since September 2015 with a positive response."

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